Soft Services

Janitorial services

Our team is apt at cleaning homes and commercial spaces. We can accommodate any type or size of building or property. We clean offices, warehouse, factories, medical facilities, restaurants, etc. Our main priority is to maintain the highest standards in sanitation and health.

Pest Control Services

Pests are unwanted insects, germs or other organisms that interfere with human activity. They may bite, destroy food crops, damage property, or otherwise make our lives more difficult.

Our technicians are trained to inspect sites and detect infestations. We undertake control of all kinds of pests using effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pests which are not hazardous to the environment.

Landscaping Services

You can add beauty and appeal with the proper landscaping maintenance. Our team can design and maintain your landscape and provide drainage solutions to protect your property.

Water Tank Cleaning Services

Cleaning your water tank at regular intervals is crucial to ensure health and safety. If this task is not performed it could bring a heightened risk of diseases. Water must be stored in a clean environment, to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Our team provide complete cleaning and sanitisation of water tanks

Security Services

At Reaaia, all of our security guards are carefully chosen based on their level of aptitude and skill. Our guards are trained to act confidently and react in an emergency. Our training program ensures their ability to be employed in corporate office buildings and reception areas.

Facade Cleaning Services

A clean building presents a hospital front. While aesthetics is primary reason for cleaning a building façade, the effort to expose the surface for evaluation and repair is crucial too. Our team cleans all pollutants that serve to accelerate façade deterioration.


A lifeguard’s job requires a high degree of judgment, skill and fitness in both day-to-day lifeguarding and in dealing with an emergency situation. That’s why all our lifeguard are trained and certified to monitor and react quickly to any incident.

Waste Management

For residences or businesses, our team can perform the pick-up services or recycling activity related to waste management service.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

We provide our clients with highly trained and experienced pool cleaners using the latest equipment. We offer regular swimming pool cleaning services, as well as full deep clean and our experts can work on both indoor and outdoor pools.