Hard Services

HVAC/R Services

Our services include servicing and fixing or replacement of all HVAC and chilled water systems as well as coils, duct and blowers cleaning.

Electrical Services

Our team offers maintenance, repair, and replacement services for all your electrical requirements. Our licensed team of electricians are equipped to handle projects ranging from renovations, remodelling and new installations.

Plumbing Services

Our plumbing services include all works related to piping systems such as fitting, repairing and maintaining pipes, water pumps and sanitary ware maintenance.

Civil Works/Fit Out

We offer general repair and remodelling for your property. Our services include carpentry, painting, masonry and general maintenance. We cover the whole range of civil works from minor to major maintenance and design related.

Energy Management

At Reaaia, we understand that a major contributor of a property’s cost comes from utilities. We work with our clients to understand their energy requirements and provide optimised solutions to efficiently manage their assets. By effectively managing energy needs, our clients are able to maintain lower operating costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Maintaining your pool is important to keep it clear and clean. Our maintenance will monitor and fix any pumping system, filtration and pool maintenance systems.

Fire Alarm/Fighting Services

Our priority is to ensure the safety of people and avoid any loss of property. Our inspection and maintenance services help ensure that your fire alarm/fighting systems are performing at optimum level. Our comprehensive service package covers the entire life of a fire alarm system, from concept to installation to inspections, maintenance, and emergency response.


Every business may face the possibility of a break-in, and CCTV is an important safeguard that cannot be undervalued. It’s always better to frequently monitor the functionality of cameras. Additionally, if you are trying to claim from insurance companies and it emerges that you have not kept on top of the CCTV maintenance, this could make insurers less willing to give you a payout for damages and losses.
Over time the layout of a building can change. Therefore the current setup of your camera system may not be as useful as it once was, and will need to be reviewed or adjusted. Maintenance can identify any technical problems and fix them in a timely fashion.

Elevator And Escalator

Our elevator and escalator services are cost effective and customised to suit your property requirements. Our qualified team of experts will assess your property requirements and provide you with a preventive maintenance plan to guarantee all your assets are safe for use and have a long operating life span. Maintenance of escalators and elevators will be providing a level of service that ensures the equipment is reliable and performs as designed.

Sliding Doors

As part of its specialist systems maintenance, Reaaia maintain, fix and clean sliding doors following O&M recommendations.

Access Control And Gate Barriers

One of the main component of any security strategy a proactive approach is fundamental. We provide a preventive maintenance to identify any technical issue, fix minor problems and safeguard against major breakdown. We do maintenance and testing for access control and gate barriers.

Hot Tapping Services

Our certified technicians can perform a detailed review of any hot tapping application to maintain safe and smooth operations. We have safety procedures for hot tapping pressurised pipe systems, storage tanks, pipe elbows, blind flanges or containment walls.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Our grease trap services include emptying and cleaning of entire contents in the units, inspection of drainage systems and removal and disposal of the waste from the site. Grease traps are drained using top-class vacuum sucking machines and tankers. Our service thoroughly pumps your grease trap, eliminating odours and safety problems.